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Welcome to The Palms Medical Centre

Why are GP Practices working differently?

GP Practices are open but the pandemic is not over

GP Practices in north east London are open and now seeing thousands more people than before the pandemic - but we have increased the number of appointments available over the phone so that people can have their consultation at home. This means you don't have to travel to the surgery and your risk of exposure to Covid is reduced. If your condition means you need to see a GP face-to-face we will arrange this.

In north east London there are still thousands of people getting Covid-19, with hundreds in intensive care. GP practices treated people throughout the Covid lockdowns and continue to do so. To protect everyone, we must maintain safe infection control and minimise unnecessary physical contact.

How are practices working now?

So that the people with greatest need are seen first, and so we don't ask people to travel and come into contact with unwell and infectious people, you will be assessed tp decide who needs:

  • to be seen in person by one of the team
  • a phone consultation
  • a video consultation
  • help from a community pharmacy or another health service

How can I contact my GP?

You can contact your GP practice on the phone, but if you are able to and if your practice offers it, the best thing to do is to fill out an online form on the practice website. You will then be contacted with the best appointment for you.

If you need help with minor injuries at any time or urgent care when your GP practice or pharmacy is closed visit or dial 111. 111 can also book out of hours appointments.

You can access NHS 111, contact your practice and get your Covid Pass using the NHS App. Search NHS App in your app store.

Why do receptionists ask personal questions?

GP reception staff are skilled professionals and ask questions to make sure you see the right person at the right time and treat all information confidentially. If you don't want to speak on the phone, where possible fill in an online form on the practice website. 

I wanted to see my GP, so why am I seeing someone else?

Many GP practices now include a range of professionals like nurses and paramedics. This means you can often be seen more quickly and not need to be seen by lots of different people.

Where else can I get help?

Always dial 999 in a life threatening emergency.

Visit for advice on common symptoms and local services or speak to your pharmacist for advice 

Please be kind

GPs and hospitals are under pressure, but we are open and here if needed. Please continue to be kind to our staff, socially distance where possible and wear a face mask in healthcare settings.

Abuse of our staff is never acceptable. The NHS Constitution is clear that violence, or the causing of nuisance or disturbance on NHS premises may result in prosecution or people being refused access to NHS services. 

Thank you - The Palms Medical Care 

Our staff are working hard to help you when you contact the practice please be kind

We have now secured a new phone system which will be live from Mid August 2022!

We are very sorry for the delays you have experienced when trying to contact us by telephone.

Over the last few months, primary care has seen a significant increase in demand as restrictions have lifted.  Demand has increased by between 50% and 60%, meaning that many more patients are contacting us than would normally be the case.  This increase in demand is being experienced both locally and nationally with many patients experiencing longer waits when contacting their local surgeries.  We are very sorry for the impact this is having and for the understandable frustration you are feeling.  We understand that being able to contact us when you need to speak to us is very important.  Please be assured that we are working hard to resolve this for you and to process our incoming calls as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Please be kind to our staff

Staff at our practice are working extremely hard and doing their best to make sure patients are safe.

Over the last 18 months, the practice has been supporting the pandemic response and ensuring our patients are able to get their COVID-19 vaccinations, at the same time as continuing to deliver primary care services.

This has made our GP practice very busy and our staff have been working incredibly hard to keep services open for patients.

We’re aware patients may have experienced longer wait times on the phone or for their appointment, but we have been working hard to ensure you receive the right treatment from the right person at the right time.

So please, if you contact our practice, be kind.  Thank you for your patience and support.

Need to see a doctor in the evening or at the weekend?

CALL 020 3770 1888



The appointments line is open at the following times:

Pre-bookable appointments available for weekend slots - 
2.00 - 9.00pm Monday - Friday
9.00am - 5.00pm Saturday and 9.00am - 4.00pm Sunday (Bank holidays may vary) 

Appointments are available with a GP at one of the centres that have been specially set up by Redbridge GPs.

Consultations at the centres are by appointment only as there is no walk-in service.

The centres are for the sort of urgent conditions that are usually dealt with by your GP but are not for emergencies requiring Accident & Emergency.

Appointments will be made in one the three Redbridge centres:

Southdene Surgery
The Shrubberies, London E18 1BO

6.30 - 10pm Mon - Fri
3.30 - 8.00pm Weekend

Fullwell Cross Medical Centre
1 Tomswood Hill, Ilford, Essex IG6 2HG

6.30 - 10.00pm Mon - Fri
11.00am - 4.00pm Weekend

Newbury Group Practice
40 Perrymans Farm Road, Ilford IG2 7LE

Mon & Wed 6.30 - 10.00pm Mon - Fri
8.00am - 12.30pm Weekend


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